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CBSE Affiliation No:- 2134052

School Code:- 72078

Affiliated till Senior Secondary (12th)

CBSE Affiliation No:- 2134052

School Code:- 72078

Affiliated to Senior Secondary (12th)

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Compassion and a heart to extend a helping hand to others is the desire that we wish to ignite in every Jaipurian. The child starts learning in the womb of the mother, so nurture them young to be able to leave a beautiful world for our generations to come. This is our duty towards the complete human race. “Service to others is the rent that you pay for your room on earth.” This beautiful quote has been the bottom line of our humble journey that started in the year 2010 by associating ourselves with various nonprofit programs, PardadaPardadi, Hand In Hand, Organ India, and KaroSambhav (E-Waste management organisation). The Social outreach programme 

our school runs across all levels of the school. Our effort toward environmental awareness also has been instrumental in building up an ecosystem that traverses across the entire school.

2022 – As we disenthralled from the pandemic, we evolved; and in introspection, it was felt that we need to make sustainable development and education is the only weapon that shall help us survive through all odds as it helps us to make informed and wise decisions. A well-structured and organised system that has finally been nurtured is as follows-

Jaipuria Asha ki Kiran – 1

Through this initiative, the institution strives to take the best of education to the grassroots level and thus adopted Government Primary School, Sahibabad, Jhandapur. The aim is to ensure inclusive experiential education for all.

Jaipuria Asha ki Kiran – 2

The children of the school support staff are being taught by our volunteer teachers. Parents have supported to volunteer in making this project a success.

Jaipuria Big Hearts – Training Centre for support staff.  The support staff is trained for IT and communication skills.

Wall of Kindness – Charity for All by All

It was Inaugurated in the second week of March. People donate all types of consumer durable items at the WALL OF KINDNESS. The donated material is available for the needy and is periodically sent to the Collection Centre of Goonj for further processing and distribution.

INTERACT CLUB in association with Rotary International 3021

“Sensitizing to make this world a better place to live”, following this motto, the Interact Club has always come up with activities that suit a social cause. Some of such precious pearls which were scattered by the club were-

Project Sahas – Sharing of books by students ignite the spirit to spread the message that education is for all

Project Red Drop – A webinar during the pandemic on the awareness of periods and menstrual hygiene was presented

E-Waste Management – In collaboration with Karo Sambhav Organisation was conducted on the topic ‘E-waste Management’. A donation drive for E-waste was also initiated.

Goonj – A donation drive, an annual feature, in collaboration with Goonj was organised. Clothes, electronic items, accessories and books were donated by students.

Some of the other commendable initiatives that were taken by the club were Peer Learning, Pad Donation Drive, Intolerance Webinar, Labours Day event. Aditionally, activities were conducted in the school campus to observe National Security Day, Zero Discrimination Day, Mental Health Awareness, Global Parents’ Day, World Environment Day, World Food Safety Day, and Brain Tumour Day.

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